Sarita Pereira, Chef

Founder – The Love Fools

Sampada brings in order. She structures the way forward steps and leads you through change. She is very destination focused and will push, motivate, mentor and be a friend to help you reach your goal.

It was the most wonderful journey and you have helped me reach here and take the first big step.  Always hugely in gratitude for that 🙂

Arnab Biswas, Digital Entrepreneur

Founding Director – Triature Digital

It was great to discover my own passions through the modules and implement them in right career directions of my entrepreneurial journey. It’s a big enabler to know what you are going to enjoy doing and thrive on.

I am much more focused, I know exactly where I want to head and how to achieve my goals.

Meghana Biwalkar, Art Holiday Planner

Founder – The Travel of Art

I loved the enthusiasm with which Sampada was conducting the entire programme.  It has helped me settle in my mind when it comes to work.  There is more clarity and direction. I liked the one-on-one time and personal guidance in these four months. Sampada was there for me personally through all the downs at work.

I recommend this programme to those who have been looking for some kind of direction in their careers. It will be wonderful if others can find their passion/purpose through Sampada.

Radhika Raj, Luxury & Lifestyle Photographer

Founder – Radhika Raj Photography

I love that she pushes me to strive to be the best, even and especially when I’m in doubt. Sampada has a keen understanding of how her clients need to be dealt with, pushing the right buttons to get results. She lets the person come to their own conclusions by showing the direction but not deciding for them. She instills a can-do confidence. It’s the follow-up chats that I value the most. I love that I saw my business and myself in a new light.

Runjhun Jain, Stylist for the Young

Founder – Catch Them Young

Sampada’s coaching addresses real fears and personal issues.  It helps to identify the real roadblocks. Sampada’s ability to go deep within her work and her ability to understand the nature of a person are her key strengths.

I’d highly recommend her coaching because I feel many people are stuck and need guidance and support to start the work they want to do.

Karn Malhotra, Brand Strategist

Founder – Exit Design & Outlined, Bangalore

The sessions started when I was at a professional low and the through the course of the sessions that thought process was arrested and a different, more positive one, put in place.

I’ve learned to look at myself with more respect, love and reverence – and reflect the same in my interactions with my colleagues. It was confronting initially – but this lead to tangible steps being taken. I’m less emotional and I believe that has helped them and put a positive spin on the growth for the company.

Vineeta Nair – Design Entrepreneur & Blogger

Founder – Artnlight 

It was a very novel experience. The workshop was tight, full and very reassuring. I came away with the feeling that “I can take care of this”. One of the important things that I got from the workshop also was how far I had come, which was re-assuring. It gave me the courage to look at my weakest points.

It also set boundaries about timelines, priorities and made me realise the importance of pacing things out, giving each thing its deserved time.

Pooja Sinha, Lawyer

Counsel at Ashurst, Singapore 

I was not sure whether we would be able to build a personal connection or rapport  over Skype and in the absence of a physical meeting. But the experience overall was excellent.  Firstly the sessions and materials on money were very useful in making me have a different, more positive mindset towards money matters Secondly, I found your framework for identifying my “dream job” very useful particularly as it was built off my own strengths, weaknesses, passions and personal goals

Muddita Gupta Thakurani, Image Consultant & Fashion Designer

Founder – Free Spirited

I had some vision of what I wanted to do in my work but there was no clarity, hence I was confused whether would this be the right programme. I liked the clarity that I received with the coaching. The way it opened up avenues for me to think big and look at many more opportunities in my life. It changed my way of thinking. I no longer doubt myself and my work. I see a lot more clearly in terms of my vision for the brand. I’m attracting the right things and people.

Sudhir Arora, Independent Fashion Stylist

Co-founder – Navy Brown

I am more confident about my work. I have cleared up the mental noise I had about my work. Most importantly, I started in a place where I used to say – I don’t know what is it that I want to do. And now I know, and I can see the way ahead to make it possible.

It was in-depth work. Moreover, I like the fact that Sampada herself has lots of experience in business building.  All the things she shared were coming from a mature, practical and knowledgeable place.

Shitu Anand Patil, Lifestyle Communication Expert

Co-founder – Plus One Communication & Design

Sampada came as a torchbearer and just simplified everything for us. My work has only got better as I am more calm and confident now. I think it is beautiful to know who you are deep inside, what your strengths are, know your goals really well. The energy and confidence that it gives you is priceless. Her clear thought process, passion commitment towards her cause and love is outstanding.

Leela Alvares Tahilramani, Content & Communication Specialist

Founder – Fable, Dubai

Sampada is very result-oriented, committed to my success and was very flexible with my schedule. She puts her heart into each session and does it with grace and humour. I liked that the programme was very thorough and research-based, in terms of uncovering my strengths, potential, future direction. I feel more confident about attracting the kind of opportunities I want. I’ve learned new ways and skills to ‘market’ myself to potential clients. I feel confident about my work, my worth and asking for money.

Meghna Parekh, Business Communication Specialist

Founder – Basil Leaf Creative

I would recommend this programme for beginners and start-ups.  Especially to help them to map their skills with their business acumen and create an enterprising combination.

It has helped me understand the impact my work has on me, my team and my clients.

Ridhima Sharma

Hair & Make-Up Professional

The programme was very productive. Sampada understands what I’m looking for and pushes me towards the right avenues which is what I was struggling with. It was easy communication and focused on getting results. And what I appreciated the most was the constant follow up between sessions :). I’ve had incredible changes in my work. I’m confidant with my work and have a goal. I loved the personal touch and sometimes we overshot our session time but that didn’t stop Sampada from continuing the session with the same enthusiasm and vigor.

Shivani Prabhakar, Entrepreneur

Co-founder – Artisanal Skincare

What Sampada did for me in a single session, I haven’t been able to look at in so many years. She did it with utter clarity, humility and love and most importantly – the right tools. The session was an eye opener! Very direct, straight to the point and solution driven. Loved it! I liked that it was very specific, to the point and results driven. We delved straight into the challenge and addressed it inside out with a lot of depth, honesty and precision. Specifically it gave me so much peace and calm and a sense of purpose that I need to honour 🙂

Sooraj Keswani, Vice President – Consulting at E-Mart Solutions

Sampada is a very mature coach who nudges you to discover yourself in terms of strengths, weaknesses, relationships and focus areas. The program led to an increase in my self-belief based on knowing myself better. This has led me to approach my work with greater confidence and assertiveness which is showing results in the right direction. I liked Sampada’s construct and approach to the program. It was structured, objective and result-oriented. Every session had an agenda which contributed to the overall goals.  I liked what Sampada offers as a professional – completely honest intent, genuine concern, positive persistence and expertise backed by a lot of research, knowledge and experience.

Leena Naik, Interview Coach

Founder Swadhee Solutions

Sampada made me look beyond traditional recruitment and opened path for interview coaching. This programme has opened up a new career opportunity for me as an Interview Coach, which is more fulfilling and aligned to what I always wanted to do and I am good at. She opened doors for international practices and mentors and I can’t thank her enough for this. I loved the Money session, where she helped me clean my beliefs about money and showed me how to come out of money insecurity and embrace excellence. To a large extent, programme will give new dimension to look at money energy.

Anita Rajagopalan, Digital Creative Director & Independent Art Therapist 

Creative Director@BCWebwise

This programme has removed me from a space of stagnation and opened my world to many new possibilities. It has helped me realize my true potential and help me get over a lot of self-doubt. I am comfortable with who I am and what I do.  I’m experiencing great breakthroughs at work. I like the spiritual approach to career and money. It works 100% if you give it 100%. I like Sampada’s sincerity and commitment to make you win. She genuinely cares about everyone and puts her heart into each session. I like the structure / modules  of the programme and the very personal approach. I believe that only if you heal yourself you can realize your dreams. I don’t think an MBA can give you this level of training to succeed.

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