Feel drained and tired with your job or business?


Caught in unfulfilling or low paying work, as you’ve bills to pay and responsibilities to fulfill?


Or you don’t know what else to do?


Is unhappiness at work affecting your relationships?


Is it affecting your health too?


Waiting to do work that gives you freedom and the money you want?




This programme’s for you.


What Do You Get?


  • A clear vision for the ideal work and life you want.


  • Re-designed work with a focus on your talents and gifts. Work that unlocks growth and money. 


  • Methods to address specific roadblocks & set healthy ways of working.


  • Guided exercises to clear up limiting beliefs about money to build income. 


  • Communication Material – emailers / presentations to reach your business to your ideal customer.


  • Scripts to open conversations leading to business opportunities.


  • Pricing strategies for winning deals.   


  • Techniques to help close new business with speed. 


  • Easy techniques to craft proposals, enroll customers and sign business deals. 


  • A business development system to keep business flowing.


  • Productivity practices to manage time and create your ideal work life.
I work with you through your fears, limiting thoughts and self-sabotaging patterns. I help you create fulfilling and well-paying work. Confidence, peace and prosperity are often by-products.

Programme Duration: 4 months


What more do you get?


  • Worksheets with tools and cheat sheets to make it easy for you.


  • Resources to inspire you and enhance your entrepreneurial skills.


  • Email and phone access to me through the duration of the programme.


  • Bonus: Money Break Through Session to Open Up To  Abundance. 
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