A decade and a half in the corporate world gave me all that I was seeking.


I got experience, independence, growth, money, fun and a whole bunch of friends!


After 15 years I was seeking more freedom.  Freedom to create the work I wanted, at my pace and aligned to my values.


I didn’t feel energised or inspired anymore.


I began to listen to my heart.


I told myself – let’s take the plunge – if not now, when?


The day after I quit my corporate job I started out. With a pen, paper and a friend in my living room. That was my first coaching session.


I got friends to see the genius, creative and brave selves they were.


After sessions, I’d get encouraging messages. “I slept well last night, after long”, “I’ve clarity about the work I want to do” and “I can see purpose in my work”.


I realised that it was not for me to choose whether I should do this work or not. I just had to do it!


I launched my Business & Transition Coaching practice while doing part-time consulting jobs.


The income was erratic.


People around me were skeptical and cynical about my off-beat choice of work.


I come from a typical job obsessed Indian family.


Everyone in the family wears a fancy designation.


So, it wasn’t exactly easy.


My then 64 yr old mum had a post-retirement job. She hoped one day I would go back to one too.


The environment was not encouraging. The more I tuned myself to the clarity I had about my work, things kept working out.


I took up training to sharpen my skills. I loved every bit of it. I completed Barb Wade’s 6 Figure Biz Coaching Course. I did SP Jain’s ‘Start Your Business’ Program on Entrepreneurship’.


Marie Forleo’s B-School Programme further enriched my work.


I worked with people to help them move out of jobs or businesses that made them unhappy.


We designed work out of what they were passionate about.


Work that brought out the best in them and allowed them to have fun.


Work that brought peace, growth and money.  


Work that gave the flexibility to pursue a life they cherished.


A life where they had time with family, friends, for travelling and taking care of themselves.


Since then I’ve helped many launch their dream businesses.


Businesses as kids’ stylists, art therapists, gourmet chefs and artistic holiday planners. 


I’ve worked with entrepreneurs to bring clarity, joy, focus and wealth back into their businesses.


I work with a varied bunch.


From art directors, graphic designers, brand strategists, photographers to lawyers.


And, writers, hair & make-up artists, digital entrepreneurs, startup founders to business heads at corporations.


And, my mum’s come a long way now.


She saw my conviction in my work and the change it brings in people’s lives. She’s  now one of the biggest champions of my work. She’s learnt my ‘elevator pitch’ and sent some clients my way.


It’s amazing how technology today enables us to work from anywhere. And, with people from any country with ease.


I love it that I’ve the flexibility to create the work I want.


The option to whip up a fresh green juice at work, meet friends on a weekday for lunch or be with my mum when she’s unwell.


And most important – to be myself! 


I will continue to help people create this freedom for themselves because I know there is a genius in each of us.


And, I know for sure, there’s happy work for you – that’s only yours to do 🙂


Look forward to hearing from you.



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