Want to start your own business but don’t know where to begin?


Not sure HOW to go about it?


Still wondering, “Will I be able to pull it off?”


“Will people PAY ME?”


“How do I get customers?”


Here’s the programme to help you start your dream business in just 4 months.

What Do You Get? 


  • Discover your passion profession. Know if you want to be an art therapist, a gourmet chef, sell environment-friendly products or do something else.


  • Structured tools, practices and formats to shape the discovery into a meaningful brand. 


  •  A distillation of Your Brand – it’s identity, values, personality & offering.


  • Communication Material – emailers / presentations to reach your business to your ideal customer.


  • Scripts to open conversations leading to business opportunities.


  • Pricing strategies for winning deals.


  • Easy techniques to craft proposals, enroll customers and sign business deals. 


  • Simple methods to take your brand to the world with clarity, confidence and start making money.


  • A business development system to keep business flowing.


  • Productivity tools to manage time and create your dream business.
I work with you through your fears, limiting thoughts and self-sabotaging patterns. I help you create fulfilling and well-paying work. Confidence, peace and prosperity are often by-products.

Programme Duration: 4 months


What more do you get?


  • Worksheets with tools and cheat sheets to make it easy for you.


  • Resources to inspire you and enhance your entrepreneurial skills.


  • Email and phone access to me through the duration of the programme.


  • Bonus: Money Break Through Session to Open Up To  Abundance.
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