You have a bunch of kick-ass ideas.


But, you never seem to bring them to life.


You don’t seem to have time to work on them.


You feel overwhelmed by the busyness.


And sad too, that you can’t launch these ideas.


You’re always busy, yet can’t seem to get much done.


Sounds familiar?


You’re at the right place then.


Fret Less, Do More is here to take away overwhelm out of your life.


What Do You Get?


  • A clear vision for the ideal work and life you want.


  • Deep cleansing of rigid patterns to ‘free up time’ to pursue your dream projects. 


  • Systems to set priorities for work and life – time with family, self-care and other interests. 


  • Productivity techniques & tools to plan your life with ease and simplicity.


  • Methods to create a daily, monthly and annual calendar, to track progress. 


  • Strategies and worksheets to stay on track.
I work with you through your fears, limiting thoughts and self-sabotaging patterns. I help you create fulfilling and well-paying work. Confidence, peace and prosperity are often by-products.

Programme Duration: 2 Days


What more do you get?


  • Worksheets with tools and cheat sheets to make it easy for you.


  • Resources to inspire you and enhance your productivity skills.


  • Email and phone access to me for up to 10 days after the programme.


  • Bonus: Money Break Through Session to Open Up To  Abundance. 
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