Do you have a job that pays the bills, but you hate Mondays?


Do you have terrific ideas, but you can’t figure how to shape them into a business?


Or perhaps you want to be more than a mother or homemaker?


Have you tried starting your own business, only to have burnt your fingers?


Or you’ve no idea about the work you really want to do?


Do you wonder ‘Why am I not happy with my work?’


You’re not the only one.


I’ve been through career highs and lows, unhappiness and frustrations. I tried part-time and full-time work. Big and small projects.


My biggest lesson?


Anyone can find happy and well-paying work.


You too can find work to that gives you joy and helps you make a lot of money.


As a Business Coach, I help you uncover work that’s just yours to do.


I show you the best of you, help you own it and bring it into your work.


Want to start your own business or recharge your current business or job? 


I’ve coaching programmes made just for you!




Want to Know How I Started On My Own? Read the full story here.


A 15-year stint in advertising, gave me a chance to work on many Unilever and Johnson & Johnson brands.


I was founder & head of the business development division for Lowe Lintas from 2007-11.


My passion for business development and personal growth work gave birth to my own coaching practice.


My coaching skills are built on Barb Wade’s 6 Figure Biz Coaching programme and SP Jain’s ‘Start Your Business’ Program on Entrepreneurship’.


Marie Forleo’s B-School Programme further strengthened my coaching practice.


Years of spiritual learning and constant inner work gives me the ability to channelise shifts in my clients’ work.




Born and raised in Mumbai, I’ve always been a social person.


I love cleaning up.  Career confusions or kitchen cabinets. I like to dig deep and don’t give up until I’ve found gold.


When I’m not changing lives you can find me making people laugh! I perform professional stand-up comedy at local venues.


My happy place is my seaside home. 


If you meet me, be sure to get treated to my trademark herbal tea and some vegan goodies.


Hope to meet you soon 🙂


“Finally here is someone as interested in you and your work as you are. And here is someone who brings in a voice of wisdom and a perspective you will never have from inside of your business. And it helps infinitely that it is a gentle insightful voice, filled with humour. It also helps that Sampada gives a neutral, non-judgmental ear to all that you have to say.”


Vineeta Nair, Design Entrepreneur & Blogger. Founder – Artnlight 


“I liked the simplicity and practical approach.

She made me understand what I was and embrace it! The clarity it gave me was immense.”


“I love you Sampada 🙂 what you are doing is just so amazing! You are enriching so many lives! Just keep doing what you are with the same amount of passion. I see you becoming India’s Marie Forleo very soon! Xx”


Shitu Anand Patil, Lifestyle Communication Expert. Co-founder – Plus One Communication & Design


“I liked that the programme was holistic encompassing profitability, meaningfulness, purpose and my lifestyle.

The self-marketing techniques were great to learn, as I didn’t have much knowledge of it.”


Sudhir Arora, Independent Men’s Fashion Stylist & Luxury Marketing Professional. Head of Business & Operations – Ajji


“The coaching made my purpose of life a lot clearer and bolder. It changed my way of thinking. It cleared a lot of my money-related energies and ideas.”


Muddita Gupta Thakurani, Image Consultant & Fashion Designer. Founder – Free Spirited

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